Green the data center with ChannelWorks.

For each asset covered under GreenCover, our carbon-neutral SLA, we will plant a tree on your end-user’s behalf! 

The very foundation of ChannelWorks’ business is sustainability. It is one of our core values and reflected in the services we offer; pre-owned hardware, third-party maintenance, and professional services such as IT divest, buy-back, and ITAD all contribute to acircular economy. 

Tree planting, the right way 

Through our partnership with Evertreen, ChannelWorks is funding tree-planting projects in parts of the world experiencing significant deforestation. 

It’s important to us that our impact goes beyond good intentions, so Evertreen monitors tree growth via satellite imagery to ensure the trees we plant today grow up to sequester carbon for decades to come. Plus, local farmers oversee tree plantings, involving the community and creating good jobs.  

GreenCover SLA 

Our carbon-neutral service level agreement for third party maintenance contracts demonstrates ChannelWorks‘ commitment to sustainability by incorporating eco-friendly practices throughout its entire service process while continuing to deliver exceptional service to clients worldwide.

Key features of GreenCover include: 

    • Carbon-Neutral service calls.  The carbon footprint of each engagement will be measured with the goal of significantly reducing our carbon footprint and buying carbon offsets for any impact that cannot be reduced or eliminated.    
    • Geographic optimization of all on-site service technicians with the goal of eliminating any significant travel.  
    • Deployment of electric vehicles, when possible, for on-site service visits  
    • Use of post-consumer recycled materials for shipping materials 
    • Planting a tree for every asset covered under GreenCover 

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