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Your customers may not have sustainability goals yet, but if you’re not talking to them about their sustainability strategy, you are behind the times and leaving opportunities on the table.

According to a study by Deloitte, over half of businesses in the U.S. have increased their commitment to sustainability and approximately two thirds of surveyed companies said their customers demand they procure a certain percentage of their electricity from renewable sources. Additionally, a report by the CPD has determined that companies could potentially gain up to $2.1 trillion by embracing low-carbon technologies.

The very foundation of ChannelWorks’ business is sustainability. It is one of our core values and reflected in the services we offer; pre-owned hardware, third-party maintenance, and professional services such as IT divest, buy-back, and ITAD all contribute to a circular economy.

ChannelWorks IT Lifecycle

Circular vs. Linear Economies

Our Sustainable Portfolio of Solutions

Third-Party Maintenance (TPM)


Extending the useful life of IT assets through third-party maintenance is inherently sustainable. Most data center hardware lasts years longer than the OEM dictated 3-5 year refreshes. However, OEMs have a history of ‘planned obsolescence’, which has long-term, harmful effects on the environment as the useful life of servers is beyond the OEM standard practice of refreshing every 3 years. 

This short-sightedness often leaves years of useful life on installed equipment after it reaches EOSL or post-warranty from the manufacturer. Every time an organization upgrades their equipment, the de-installed equipment contributes to the ever-growing mountain of corporate e-waste in landfills.

Third-party maintenance allows for continued use of the equipment throughout its useful life, which saves time, money, and the planet.



New equipment requires raw materials to produce. These materials must be mined, refined, and transported to a fabrication plant. Once created, manufacturers must transport the equipment a few more times before it arrives at the end-user’s door. Buying pre-owned hardware not only saves time and money, it also contributes to a circular economy.

ChannelWorks purchases pre-owned assets via our buy-back program, and then refurbishes and reuses this hardware once it has passed our rigorous quality testing. This allows us to use existing equipment rather than using new resources from the environment. Additionally, we can prolong the use of equipment by repairing it. We find unused hardware and allocate it for use, and then once an asset finally reaches the end of its usefulness, we recycle it.

Professional Services


When IT assets can no longer be reused, ChannelWorks provides certified data destruction and decommissioning services. We ensure components are recycled through an R2 certified facility.

If your customer can no longer reuse their assets, IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) involves decommissioning and disposing of a customer’s data center hardware. ChannelWorks can help your customers meet environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards. 

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