What can you expect with ChannelWorks Hardware Rentals?

We understand that each end user has unique hardware needs, so ChannelWorks provides flexible and affordable solutions. From one day to one year, our rental terms and custom contracts allow you to retain capital and limit upfront costs.

Cloud Migrations

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ChannelWorks’ hardware rental offerings help you avoid expensive refreshes so you can conserve capital while migrating to the cloud. We offer short-term upgrades and flexible contract terms to fit what works best for you during your cloud migration.

Migration Transformation

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ChannelWorks’ hardware rental offerings allow your customer to avoid continuous uptime during a transformation or migration project. We offer swing gear and provide serial number swaps on like equipment.

Our data center team offers flexibility: like for like systems, serial number swaps on like equipment, bundled maintenance into your monthly rental payment

Seasonal Demands

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When short-term,  high-demand periods arise, hardware rentals offer an affordable solution. ChannelWorks can help you tackle seasonal demands by offering hardware rentals so that you don’t have to buy equipment that would be under-utilized for most of the year.

Application Testing and Benchmarking

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ChannelWorks’ rental program provides identical hardware to match your environment, ensuring your system performs as it should.

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