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Why ChannelWorks for Hardware Maintenance?

Convert your customers’ business from transactional to a source of recurring revenue with legacy hardware maintenance by ChannelWorks. If you only sell new hardware to your customers, you are leaving money on the table and potentially sending customers to your competitors.

ChannelWorks multi-vendor maintenance solution extends the life of post-warranty and EOSL equipment from the OEM, saving your customers time and money, while allowing you add options to your portfolio of services and a source of recurring revenue to your bottom line.



ChannelWorks covers every major manufacturer and can extend the life of end-of-service-life or out-of-warranty data center equipment. Benefits of ChannelWorks maintenance include:

50-70% Savings

Compared to the OEM, ChannelWorks can save you 50-70% on Data Center Maintenance.

Flexible SLAs

We can provide customized solutions that match your budget and requirements.

Flexible Contract Terms

You can sign a contract for whatever time frame best fits your needs.

Certified Engineers

ChannelWorks employs certified engineers who specialize in the products you need supported.

Support for EOL Equipment

ChannelWorks can support your legacy technology for as long as you need.

All Major OEMs Are Covered

ChannelWorks covers all major OEMs, so no need to worry about our compatibility with your data center.


Learn more about ChannelWorks’ monitoring and remote management service, ChannelWatch.


ChannelWorks can provide pre-owned, refurbished, and current generation data center hardware. We offer custom configured systems, upgrades, and parts from all major manufacturers at up to 90% less than manufacturer prices.

Avoid Vendor Lock-In

With ChannelWorks flexible terms, you never have to worry about vendor lock-in.

Buy, Rent, Sell, or Lease

Buy, rent, sell or lease everything from entire data centers to individual parts.

24 Hour Turnaround Time

Get your equipment quickly — From quote to shipping, ChannelWorks can handle most requests in 24 hours.

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