Consignment Programs

Conserve Capital with ChannelWorks’ Consignment Programs

Customers with data centers full of equipment can use ChannelWorks to pick up, audit, and sell excess equipment. As we sell the equipment, we pay the company a percentage of our revenue until everything is sold.

Leave the hassle of auditing, transporting, and selling to us

Get maximum value for your equipment

Why Choose Consignment?

Benefits of ChannelWorks’ Consignment Program:

  • Maximum Value – Consigning your IT assets to the ChannelWorks team assures the best opportunities in the market to maximize your value recovery.
  • Discovery – ChannelWorks provides a thorough evaluation of exactly what’s in your data center. 
  • Operations – ChannelWorks does all the heavy lifting for you; asset verification, testing, logistics, refurbishing, collecting, and distributing of equipment.
  • Visibility – Throughout the consignment process, ChannelWorks provides detailed audits and monthly reports tracking sales of equipment.

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