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At ChannelWorks, we value the relationships we have with our partners. Our priority is to ease the process of buying hardware and maintenance services for our channel partners. We are dedicated to providing top of the line hardware and personalized maintenance to increase revenue and establish greater returns for our partners.

Why Partner with ChannelWorks?

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Exceptional Hardware

ChannelWorks provides genuine data center hardware from all major OEMs at up to 90% less than manufacturer list prices.

24/7 Maintenance

We deliver revolutionary, cost-effective maintenance support to ensure our partners’ infrastructure is running at the most optimal level.

Data Center Services

With decades of industry experience, ChannelWorks effectively handles data center environments, ensuring that sensitive information and physical assets will be handled properly and securely.

Greater Value

We specialize in extending the life of your customers’ current IT system at tremendous cost savings. Our extensive line of hardware and maintenance services helps bring more value to your end-users, thus increasing your service lines and credibility as a VAR, TPM Provider, or Big Distributor.

No End-User Competition

Our focus is in the IT channel only. We will never compete for your end-user customers.

Prompt Service

Our experts have extensive experience in the industry. We know how to respond quickly and effectively to any problem you may face.

Partner Enablement Resources

ChannelWorks looks to help partners in the selling journey to end-users. We have designed resources specifically for our partners to use, so you are equipped with everything you need to sell.

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