Data Center Relocation

with Technical & Logistical Support


Data center relocations can be tricky; there’s a lot to consider when planning a move. ChannelWorks can help alleviate relocation anxiety and provide solutions for even the trickiest of relocation logistics.

ChannelWorks has the technical and logistical support to relocate any data center. Whether your customers are looking to relocate a single rack, or a data center comprising hundreds of assets, we have them covered. Our team has decades of experience auditing, planning, de-installing, relocating, and re-installing a wide variety of IT equipment. 

Professional Services We Offer

Equipment Moves

We can help develop a plan, audit all of the assets, and schedule the move. From there, we unrack, pack, ship, and transport all the assets to their new location.

End-to-End Project Management

ChannelWorks offers comprehensive project planning, hands-on coordination, and clean up post-relocation to keep your customers’ move on time and within budget.

Chain of Custody Documentation & Location Mapping

We understand that data center hardware is of high value. We keep a detailed account of each asset throughout its relocation and re-installation.

Reliable Transportation

Our shipping services are quick, secure, and reliable. 

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