Data Center Migrations

Migrating with ChannelWorks

ChannelWorks helps your customers conserve capital and develop migration plans that meet their specific requirements. From providing short term rentals to shipping and re-installation, ChannelWorks provides solutions that meet all of your customer’s migration needs.

Enterprise Hardware

Extend the life of your existing equipment and avoid refreshes during your AWS migration with ChannelWorks Hardware Solutions.

ChannelWorks can buy, sell, rent, or lease entire systems, upgrades, or parts.

Hardware Valuations and Audits

ChannelWorks helps customers understand their data center environment through discovering, mapping, and managing your entire system.

Packaging and Moving

With decades of experience, our team has the expertise required to effectively and safely package and transport your equipment. 

Trade In / Buy Back

ChannelWorks helps customers turn legacy technologies into cash through our industry-first solution.

Asset Swaps

ChannelWorks will trade like for like equipment.  

Short-Term Rentals

We offer short-term rentals that alleviate the financial burden of migrating. 


ChannelWorks helps re-install equipment in its new environment. 

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