Asset Disposition

What Asset Disposition services do you need?

ChannelWorks offers complete IT asset disposition (ITAD) services that help you reduce risk and maximize recovered value. Our ITAD services include value recovery, data erasure, decommissioning, and compliant e-recycling.

ITAD Services

Deinstallation and Removal

Relieve the hassle and risk of decommissioning with ChannelWorks on-site services. Auditing, packaging, and shipping your IT equipment — we’ve got you covered.


ChannelWorks has decades of experience and can handle everything from single racks to entire data centers. We can ensure that you receive maximum value for your equipment and that it is properly tracked and deinstalled.


ChannelWorks can conduct a physical audit and identification of all machines in your data center to identify serial numbers and components, which ensures maximum valuation and proper chain of custody.

Package and Shipping

We have extensive experience shipping sensitive, expensive IT equipment worldwide. ChannelWorks can ensure that your equipment is handled properly, maximizing your recovered value.

Data Destruction

As an IT professional, you know that the security of your company depends on proper data destruction while decommissioning IT equipment. ChannelWorks’ data destruction solutions are cost-effective, thorough, and compliant with data privacy and disposal regulations. Offering both offsite and on-site data destruction, ChannelWorks can help mitigate liabilities with proper data destruction.

Data Erasure Services

ChannelWorks performs data erasure using industry best practices to comply with internationally recognized standards, following the latest Dod and NIST 800-88 guidelines for media destruction.

Each sanitized drive will receive a serialized certificate of data destruction for audit purposes.

Drive Destruction

ChannelWorks can provide both offsite and onsite destruction services for all of your security requirements. 

Destruction services can be combined with data erasure granting you a certificate of data erasure in addition to assurance that all data storing devices are completely destroyed.  

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