Chain of Custody

We understand the importance of knowing where your customers’ assets are and where they’re going. Our chain of custody services track the movement and control of your customers’ assets by documenting each location and person who handles the gear, collecting the date/time it was transferred and the purpose of the transfer. Our team works with you to create a chain of custody that works for your customer’s specific needs, granting you insight into the location and security of each asset. 

Benefits of ChannelWorks’ Chain of Custody include:

Regular Notifications

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Stay up-to-date with the location of your customer’s assets with regular, in-route notifications. 

Multi-Person Teams

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With multiple people working on a delivery, the shipment is never left unattended.

Hand Carry

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A dedicated team member will personally deliver the shipment, never leaving your customer’s equipment unattended at a dock or doorstep.

GPS Tracking

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GPS capabilities that allow you to track and monitor the movement of your customers’ shipments.

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