How Channel Partners Use ChannelView for Better Data and Results

Trying to keep track of multiple asset lifecycles and understand complex contractual terms can make managing your assets and maintenance contracts extremely difficult and time consuming. 

ChannelView simplifies managing your assets and maintenance contracts by organizing all of your data center related activities into one simple, comprehensive platform. 

Explore ChannelView’s unique features that make it the ideal platform for control over your IT infrastructure.

  • Maintenance Contract Consolidation: It can be challenging for IT departments to attempt to keep track of numerous maintenance contracts. ChannelView consolidates contracts into a single platform, allowing you to view multiple contracts at once and gain full visibility into the changes and opportunities within your contracts.  
  • 24 Hour Data Management: ChannelView allows you to track your assets and maintenance contracts closely by giving you 24/7 access. The platform can automatically notify your customers when a contract is approaching expiration and give the option to immediately order a renewal
  • Ticket Tracking: Whenever you need support, simply open a ticket and ChannelView will automatically track all it’s activity. All third party maintenance communications are also stored within ChannelView making it easy to view the most recent activity. 

ChannelViews’ capabilities allow our partners to quickly get accurate information whenever they need it, maximizing productivity and return on investments. Let’s look into how ChannelViews’ capabilities make asset and contract management effortless for our partners.

How Partners Use ChannelView 

Without an easy way to look up information regarding contracts and assets, it can be challenging for organizations to keep up to date with the conditions of their IT equipment and the individual contract terms that go with them.

ChannelView solves these issues by giving partners full visibility into the status and location of their IT equipment and services life agreements, as well as granting the ability to view multiple contract terms at once. Our simple and straightforward platform makes retrieving relevant and updated information easy. ChannelView saves you money by helping you avoid complex maintenance contracts and giving insight into which of your assets need replacement or could qualify for remarketing.

Learn More About ChannelView 

ChannelView is the ultimate tool for IT asset management and is essential for increasing your organization’s productivity and opportunities. Learn more about ChannelView by visiting our website and setting up a demo today.