Maintenance Solutions

Why ChannelWorks for maintenance solutions?

ChannelWorks’ maintenance solutions redefine third party maintenance for the channel. We deliver revolutionary, cost-effective maintenance support to ensure our partners’ infrastructure is running at the most optimal level.

What are the key benefits of our maintenance solutions?

50-70% Savings

Compared to the OEM, ChannelWorks can save your customer 50-70% on data center maintenance.

Flexible SLAs

We can provide customized solutions that match your customers’ budget and requirements.

Flexible Contract Terms

Your customer can sign a contract for whatever time frame best fits your customers’ needs.

Certified Engineers

ChannelWorks employs certified engineers who specialize in the products your customer needs supported.

Support for EOL Equipment

ChannelWorks can support your customers’ legacy technology for as long as you need.

All Major OEMs Are Covered

ChannelWorks covers all major OEMs, so no need to worry about our compatibility with your customers’ data center.

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