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ChannelWorks provides a multitude of services to meet your data center needs. With over 4494 trusting clients, 144598 equipment units protected, and 53918 support calls to date, ChannelWorks covers every major manufacturer and can extend the life of end-of-service-life (EOSL) or out-of-warranty data center equipment.

Hardware Upgrades

From upgrades to fixing faulty hardware no longer under warranty, ChannelWorks has you covered for all of your customers’ hardware needs.

Hardware Valuations

ChannelWorks specialists can conduct an audit that provides a complete inventory of all IT equipment right down to the component level.

Data Center Migrations

From providing short term rentals to shipping and re-installation, ChannelWorks provides solutions that meet all of your customers’ migration needs.

Data Erasure

ChannelWorks performs data erasure using industry best practices to comply with internationally recognized standards.

Equipment Moves

We assist in unracking hardware, packing equipment for shipping, and transporting to the new location.

Onsite Services

ChannelWorks can support all phases of data center expansion and consolidation.

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